To all my patients and friends,

Having abruptly ended my hands on acupuncture sessions for the duration of this virus, I have been thinking of practical ways I can offer support to you.

Briefly I have 5 ideas I would like to share:-

  1. Firstly I can offer guided advice to find and stimulate acupressure points which will strengthen your constitution.
  2. Secondly I can offer guided advice to find and stimulate a key immune system point .
  3. Thirdly I can send you the link to a short qi  gong exercise which strengthens the lungs and calms the mind.
  4. Fourthly I have a small stock of herbal capsules which help recovery from colds and coughs.
  5. Fifthly I can offer 15 min advice/chat sessions via WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype.

I will not be charging for any of the above unless I need to post something to you.  I would only ask for small contributions for those who can afford it.

If you wish to take up any of the above then please email me on ‘’ giving me your name and mobile number and I will take it from there.

Meantime best wishes to all, and keep safe and sound.