Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on, non-invasive technique of bodywork which balances the human energy field and its anatomical structure. It is gentle to receive but powerful in effect, involving subtle holds, pressure and stretches through the clothes of the recipient.

ZB offers us a point of stillness around which the body can relax. This state of stillness helps:

  • Relieve physical and mental symptoms
  • Improve our ability to deal with life’s stresses
  • Promote a sense of wholeness and well-being

In a ZB session the client remains clothed. It starts with a short interview and then a physical assessment as the client sits on the table. The client then lies face up on the table and the practitioner starts with a gentle curved pull from the client’s feet. At an easy pace the practitioner then evaluates the relationship between energy and structure throughout the body, with particular focus on the joints and skeletal system, and where indicated, releases tensions and tension held patterns. It is a pleasurable experience – everything the Zero Balancer offers the client will either feel good or ‘hurt good’ – the latter often associating with the welcome release of tensions. A session will take between 30-45 minutes and it is usual to feel relaxed and refreshed during and after the session.

Because of the release of deeply held patterns in the body and the clearer energy fields it promotes, ZB enables us to experience less stress and to deal with life’s events more skillfully and appropriately. It’s common for people who have received Zero Balancing to report renewed vitality and enthusiasm, a sense of being at home and at ease with themselves, and a sense of a deeper connection with life and their place in the world.

Anyone can benefit from ZB but in particular I would recommend it in the following areas;

Stress Reduction

ZB encourages energy to flow smoothly through the body helping to release stressful patterns. For example, a well-balanced teenager will have a smoother journey to adulthood than the adolescent with blocked or congested fields of energy.

Body pain

Pain often occurs where energy is blocked or weakened either because of physical factors or for emotional/mental reasons. ZB addresses this by improving joint function within the overall enhancement of energy and structure balance in the body.

Flexibility and Posture

Realignment and improved posture are some of the more tangible benefits of ZB. Clients often report feeling taller and straighter with consequent feelings of well-being.

Reparative Touch

The quality of ZB touch is one of safety and clarity with clear boundaries between the practitioner and client. For those who do not have good experience of being touched. ZB can help to rediscover the positive aspects of human touch.

ZB can facilitate the release of mental habits and patterns of emotional response which no longer serve us. Unresolved issues from our personal history may be held in the body and act as obstacles to personal development. ZB can help access and clear these obstructions and help us move forward again.

It is recommended that a person has 3 sessions to begin with and then decide with the practitioner what frequency would best serve them.

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