Children respond well to acupuncture!

This may seem a strange thing to say in our society where people are generally averse to needles, but in reality children react positively to therapies such as acupuncture which work holistically and don’t just treat symptoms.

At my clinics I see children as young as several weeks old right up to late teens. A lot of presenting complaints for the younger ones are digestive or respiratory related. Typically I see kids with snotty noses, poor appetite and not very happy! For the older ones there may be ongoing physical issues coupled with emotional issues related to adolescence. Treating children in their early phases of life can often heal weaknesses that would otherwise remain with them for the rest of their lives.

There are several variations on the treatments given to children.

Some may get a few tiny needles inserted and removed painlessly, others will have these needles left in while they rest. Some get acupressure applied to energy points or meridians on the body. This can be done with our hands but sometimes we scrape the skin with the edge of a smooth tool made of jade. Or sometimes we just use a moxa stick to apply heat from above onto key energy points.

The feedback from parents is that acupuncture/pressure is safe, gentle and effective. Many of these parents have also been taught how to do the acupressure massage themselves, so the skills are passed on and children are kept well without drugs.

I offer a fee reduction for all children up to the age of 16. I look forward to welcoming you either in Thame or Oxford.