Scars are common place – most adults will have some experience of scars arising from accidents or surgical incision. A scar represents a normal stage in the healing process after healthy tissue has been traumatised.

However sometimes this healing process gets stuck and scars feel like a barrier or discomfort with side effects in other parts of the body and a loss of energy in various organ systems, or even a loss of self.

Scars may be external, internal or emotional. Sometimes external scars may appear to be closed and smooth on the surface but deep down they are blocking energy. Some scars can’t be seen and come from old trauma following surgery. These internal scars continue to work against the free flow of energy.

Scars attached to key events in our lives may also become emotional scars and block the full expression of ourselves.

In Acupuncture theory all these kinds of scars are considered to be toxic and to impede the flow of energy and blood between the body and mind. Sometimes it is obvious that something is wrong if a scar is raised and inflamed on the skin. But as said above, many scars are internal and this blocking can go on for many years.

Acupuncture can be used to determine which external scars are still active or toxic and to release the toxic blocks. Acupuncture can also be used to find and heal internal wounds whether physical or emotional.