After a warm winter and a cold spring, the recent lift in temperatures has brought a sudden rise in pollen levels and for some the start of hayfever misery.

Medical solutions range from relatively harmless saline solutions to stronger suppressants such as anti-histamines and steroids. The latter two may be faster acting but often carry side effects such as drowsiness, nasal irritation and nosebleeds.

If you have tried these and are worried by the side effects, you might instead try acupuncture or homeopathy. Both approaches are sophisticated and holistic because they are tailored to your individual needs and constitution. Side effects are rare and although fast relief is not guaranteed it often happens.

Andy Roscoe, Acupuncturist, has been treating this problem for more than 23 years.

He recalls treating a combine harvester driver who had suffered for over 20 years from hayfever every harvest time. His symptoms almost disappeared in one session, and occasional maintenance sessions thereafter kept them under control. Both his livelihood and his life came back into balance.

Holistic approaches have the potential to reintegrate the mind and body, rather than just the suppression of symptoms.

If you are interested in trying  acupuncture or homeopathy then call Andy on 07932 011281.