As an Acupuncture practitioner I see endless applications of this therapy for everyday health problems. I thought it might be useful if I summarise the common issues I see regularly in the clinic to give you an idea of the scope of Acupuncture.

1. First up is ‘tiredness and stress’. This is the main complaint of about 60% of my patients. Typically I see this in working women in their 30/40’s with 2/3 children and a partner who works long hours.

2. Second is ‘pain’. Often acute physical strains from eg. Picking up a heavy weight or maybe a whiplash car accident, or a sports injury. But also physical pain coming from stress, such as sitting for a long time in front of a computer, or arthritic pain in the joints from damp and cold.

3. Third is ‘emotional overload’ causing mental stress and physical symptoms. This is very common and underlies most of the other issues I see. Helping people unblock emotionally is one of Acupuncture’s great strengths.

4. Fourth there are the chronic ongoing conditions such as headaches or IBS or menstrual pains where medical drugs don’t really address the cause of the problem. Many people are ground down by these issues and feel their lives are restricted.

5. Fifth are the patients who need help detoxing and strengthening. This could be during treatments for cancer or those getting off drugs like cigarettes or alcohol.

6. Sixth are the increasing numbers of women (and men) who use Acupuncture to help with fertility issues, including IVF assistance.

7. Finally there are some lesser known Acupuncture applications which sometimes feel like ‘miracles’. In this category come turning breech babies, overcoming the terror of flying, and controlling menopausal sweats.

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